New Product — Press Release Announces Expanded Merchant Services

PromisePay to Promote Customer Communication, Expedited Service

Anaheim, Calif., – (Aug. 11, 2016), a leading communication and information technology provider to insurers, collision repair facilities, and auto-service related operations throughout North America announced today a new UpdatePromise360 Module, PromisePay, at the International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) in Anaheim, California. PromisePay is a full merchant service provider which integrates customer service with the most competitive rates available.

PromisePay offers enhanced communications, credit card processing, portal-based payments for customers and integrated point-of-sales systems and settlements all designed to streamline the customer experience at up to 50% savings.

PromisePay has leveraged a footprint of over 14,000 rooftops to negotiate merchant service rate at bank level, said Richard Pannazzo, Vice President of Operations for “Typically, a single shop operator or small business will apply for a merchant service on their own and being rated and graded on their own credit, often leading to larger costs,” he said. “But by being on a PromisePay platform with us, they are leveraging what UpdatePromise has — volume.”

Taking advantage of the PromisePay platform allows businesses of any size to provide standard credit card machines, kiosks, and automated payment links sent directly to customers’ smartphones, all at pricing lower than average. PromisePay also reconciles all receipt and settlement processes in the point-of-sale system, removing manual reentry and with full integrations, saving up to 90 minutes of administrative time per day.

With PromisePay, customers may receive an automated text message at the time of completion. A customer may also receive a text or email which includes an invoice, which is payable through a web-based portal, said Pannazzo. “Once the customer’s identity is verified, a customer may view their invoice and pay by scanning their credit card. They may even sign their receive on their smartphone. Once done, a customer just needs to come pick up their keys. No lines. No waiting.”

Pannazzo explained the update module as a natural progression of the payment process.

“With the advent of services like Apple Pay and Pay by phone, we have become used to the paying for products and services digitally here in the US,” he said. “The automotive industry is the last one to catch on.”

Curtis Nixon, President of Flash of Genius, Inc., the parent company of added that the new service ties in two critical components to improve the customer experience: convenience and competitive prices.

“We’ve helped businesses reposition themselves to take market share from competitors by helping them deliver an unparalleled customer experience,” he said. “Fully Integrated and Automated PromisePay will not only prove cost effective for any business, but help you connect with your customers like never before: increasing customer satisfaction while growing brand loyalty. All in the palm of their hands.”


UpdatePromise.comis a leading communication and information technology provider to insurers, collision repair facilities, and auto-service related operations throughout North America. has developed a totally unique approach to product development and deployment strategies in an effort to ensure the greatest possible value for its customers. has created leading-edge products that simply outperform the competition at every level.

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Nace Cars Expo & Conference is a 5 day event being held from August 9 to 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CAlif. This event showcases products like Automotive accessories, auto auctions, body and frame repair, dent removal, safety equipments, hand and power tools and much more in the Automotive industry.

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