Klaatu Barada Nikto!

Social phobia is the most common anxiety disorder, impacting upwards of 12 percent of adults, according to the American Psychiatric Association. The disorder causes considerable distress and can greatly limit a person's ability to function in public scenarios. Social anxieties manifest themselves in multiple ways. A sufferer may avoid eye contact, physical touch or large … Continue reading Klaatu Barada Nikto!

Color the World

Little Bread Company in Fayetteville is unusually crowded. Joelle Storet isn't going to get lunch, but she doesn't seem to mind. It's the first Sunday after the University of Arkansas has resumed classes, and it seems that the artisan bakery is feeling the sudden influx of students. No tables are available, so the artist arranges … Continue reading Color the World

After the Storm

He didn't go there to shoot. In 2011, Dan Snow stood in front of utter devastation. He was in Joplin, Mo., where two months before an E5 tornado had ravaged the city, leaving 161 people dead and thousands homeless. Responding in an effort to help, Snow had traveled with his church group to Joplin. He … Continue reading After the Storm

Masters of Intrigue

Intrigue Theater is not a magic act. Nothing will magically disappear. No rabbits, doves or animals of any species will be pulled from a hat. There will be no "magic" cliches. It is, for lack of a better term, intriguing. The show opens with the entrance of what would seem to be the quintessential magician's … Continue reading Masters of Intrigue