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Pennsylvania House Passes Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Act

Snapsheet Applauds Progress Made Towards Versatility in Consumer Options

Harrisburg, Penn., Dec. 30, 2015 — Snapsheet, a provider of virtual auto claims settlement by photo, is pleased to announce great progress for consumer rights. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 1638 which would amend a 1972 law requiring insurance appraisers to be present for all automotive inspections. Through the language of this bill, auto insurance appraisals could be done through a variety of customer-friendly options, including photographs in that state.

The bill, while enabling virtual inspections, still retains the customers’ right to choose the method of inspection. The bill states “an appraiser my not require the submission of photographs or videos in order to obtain an appraisal,” but it opens the doors to a new option for virtual inspections that will prove beneficial to consumers.

“For five years, Snapsheet has been enabling a new choice for customers through virtual estimating technology. We have made the process easier for customers, insurance carriers and for body shops,” said Brad Weisberg, Founder and CEO of Snapsheet. “The Pennsylvania House Bill 1683 is a huge step forward for consumers who prefer to opt-in for a self-service or virtual inspection.”

The HB 1638 would mean consumers would have a choice of how an appraisal is handled. Consumers who choose a virtual inspection will be free to schedule a repair at any body shop of their choice. They will also have the luxury of resolving the claim on their own time through the use of photos, which leads to higher satisfaction and a simpler process.

Rep. Mike Tobash, R-Dauphin County/Schuylkill County, said in a House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda that the bill would “improve customer service and satisfaction” through methods of inspection that are based on new quality electronic enhancements and developments. According to Tobash, only five states including Pennsylvania do not allow for the use of photographs and/or video as an option to obtain an auto appraisal for accident damages.

Rep. Eddie Pashinski, D-Luzerne County argued that the bill “protects the consumer, the policy-holder,” and would ultimately save the consumer money.

The bill was introduced on Oct. 20, 2015 and sponsored by Rep. Tobash.

About Snapsheet

Based in Chicago, Snapsheet is the first self-service mobile application for settling auto insurance claims by photo. Using Snapsheet, insurance carriers can reduce cycle time per claim and lower the cost to receive an estimate. Snapsheet offers a full suite of products to help insurance carriers, adjusters and customers analyze and receive claims efficiently.

For more info about Snapsheet, visit http://www.snapsheetapp.com

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