Offbeat vacation ideas for the adventurous CPA

Busy season is officially over.

You’ve been powering through all season. Returns are in, and extensions are filed. And most importantly, your clients are happy because you’re a powerhouse CPA. Now that you have free time on your calendar, it’s time to take your superhero-self on vacation.

Deciding where to go on vacation can be challenging, which is no surprise, considering many Americans spend up to 10% of their household income on vacations every year.

That means your vacation should be memorable and offer experiences and sights you’ve never encountered — perhaps because you didn’t even know they were there.6a0133f5884316970b01b8d2ec7a0b970c.jpg

Take a gander at these offbeat vacation ideas to get your creative mind going and help you prepare for your best post-busy season yet.

Tour one of history’s most infamous castles. Do you like scary movies? What about vampires? Then Bran Castle in Romania is for you. Completed in 1388, this stronghold is often referred to as “Dracula’s Castle” due to its relationship to one-time prisoner, Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracul. Confront the history, superstitions and myths that spawned one of the world’s most iconic monsters.

Book a last-minute trip to the “Land of Fire and Ice.” With flights as short as five hours from Boston, Iceland is surprisingly easy to get to. Start with a visit to the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik to view rare artifacts from the Viking Settlement Period. Next, hike through the Thingvellir National Park, which was the site of one of the first pre-modern parliaments in the world. Relax and de-stress in Iceland’s colorful hot springs before chowing down on local cuisine like fish and chips, Fridheimar tomatoes and skyr (washed down with a pint of Egils Appelsin soda, of course).

Take a ride down U.S. Route 66. Do vintage cars, roadside stands and the wide-open road appeal to you? Then cruising down America’s historic highway can help steer you to pure relaxation. Retrace the route’s original 2,448 miles while stopping at some of the country’s most iconic spots. Pull off at California’s Cadillac ranch, where graffiti is encouraged, or take a photo with The Gemini Giant, a throw-back advertisement in Wilmington, Ill. See natural wonders like the Painted Desert, Grand Canyon and Meramec Caverns and grab a burger and malt at one of the Route’s famous vintage eateries.

Sleep under the stars on a multi-day Mojave Desert adventure. If you’re up for an adventure, get your dune buggy ready. Take an off-road adventure through some of the most scenic terrain in the Southwest. Starting in Las Vegas, retrace the routes taken by gold rush pioneers of 1800s. Or explore the famous old west and robust mining history of western Nevada. Timing for this trip is everything, as you’ll no doubt want to take part in Las Vegas’s premier conference for the accounting profession. From June 9-14, join your colleagues for AICPA ENGAGE at the MGM Grand for four days of limitless possibilities.

Stay local and explore. Sometimes, all you want to do is stay home. After months of late nights and working weekends, who can blame you? But be sure to get out a little. Explore the offbeat landmarks and attractions your state has to offer. Maybe you live near the world’s largest chest of drawers (High Point, N.C.) or the official center of the world (Felicity, Calif.). Or you might want to find out more about the tree root that ate Roger Williams (Providence, R.I.). Browse the recommended attractions in your state then get ready to discover the hidden gems in your community.

So, what’s next on your list? Whether it’s a Nordic adventure or car ride to the past, now is your time reenergize. Congratulations on a job well done!



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